What’s in My Closet?



Whenever I clean my closet, I find things I don’t need. They occupy space that could be put to better use. Same thing with my life. There’s some worthless stuff occupying space:


        • Couch time that is neither useful nor restful
        • Paperwork that I should finish and file
        • Worry about something unlikely to happen (and I can’t change if it does)
        • Annoyances that aren’t worth the effort

Time to clean the closet of my soul. I’ll start with that stash of snapish responses I never delivered (the world is better off without them).

How about your closet?
bless soul pic

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2 Responses to What’s in My Closet?

  1. I’ve found that some of the things in my closet, that I meant to dispose of, are now, in these rather strange days, coming into their own.

    Among them are fragments of stories that I never found the wherewithal to finish, and now have new meaning…understanding of the nature of God and faith that I put aside to be more CBA, and which suddenly make sense in a very real an immanent way…and forgivenesses begun but never fully completed.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Ahhh, stories started I keep too, Andrew. Letters written in anger and never sent–those I burn.

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