Define Father

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2 Responses to Define Father

  1. Good point. I have never been comfortable with God the Father, and “Abba” – Daddy – makes me cringe.

    Some people write of wanting to curl up in Abba’s embrace. Not me. Any embrace is not a safe place.

    Fist-bump, or high-five, resupply ammo and rats, and send me out again, God. Good to go, ready to fight.

    Sorry to be blunt, writing when very, very ill. Or maybe the honesty is needed, because a dreadful earthly father can do a lot of damage.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      And many people would be uncomfortable with your view of God. But God is bigger than all our viewpoints combined. I trust that we’ll get to heaven and think, “Waw! This is so much better than I ever imagined.”

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