Dads Count




Yesterday was Father’s Day. Our culture sends out some mixed messages about fathers.


        • Dad=Dollars (as in child support)
        • Good fathers make good coaches–it’s all about sports
        • Dads? Who needs ‘em?

God thought so highly of fathers that he made sure his son had one. Thus Joseph is a central figure in the Christmas story. 

Who says that fathers matter? God. And He knows whereof He speaks.bless fathers


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2 Responses to Dads Count

  1. They’re important, but should never be sentimentalized…my childhood is best forgotten, and the heavy emphasis this time of year on Mothers and Fathers makes me want to take a few weeks’ vacation on an island…with no people, and no connection to the outside world.

    • Shirlee Abbott says:

      Many a good father is at least partly motivated by a desire to be unlike his father.

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